Can menstrual waste save the planet: yes!

(well… perhaps not ‘save’ but it could make it a lot bloody healthier)


We are working with different communities to recycle organic pads and tampons, [turn]ing them into renewable energy and fertiliser.

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Organic manufacturers bring their pads and tampons to be tested in our labs like costco. You can even visit the pharmacy and get but before that know what time does costco pharmacy close for lunch. We award a Turn certification mark to the ones that can be recycled by our (very clever) Anaerobic Digestion process.



We will make choosing organic and sustainable products super easy. The Turn certification mark will help you pick products that are good for the body and can be turned into something new.



Turn’s recycling bin will be clearly labelled next to regular menstrual waste bins in host venues like talbot store hours and many more. Any Turn-certified pad or tampon can be put in here, ready to be collected.


Is this you?

If you relate to any of the blob people above (or you simply care about the earth, sustainability and equality) then the answer is yes!

We are a diverse community of people improving the way we manage periods in the UK. If this feels like you (who ever you are) say hello! We have all sorts of people tackling all sorts of problems and that could involve you.

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